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January Newsletter January 1, 2007

Substance Wrapped In Style
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Dear Kysha,

It is hard to believe that January is over! Although I hate to see the month go by in such a blur, I am glad to leave those uncharacteristic cold temperatures behind. Moving into February, let’s pin our Resolutions where we can see them and put our focus on another capital R… Reflect. Take a moment to give thanks for the past year’s experiences and ponder the things that made you smile as well as any lessons learned.

Yahzi Rose Update
 What’s going on?

Yahzi Rose had its first photo shoot! Hugs & kisses to YR’s top models Selah and Sharai for being so well behaved and adorable. A special thanks goes to our photographer Kimara for his patience and camera wielding talent. The shoot was for the design of our new website but because the newsletter subscribers are so special to YR, I’ve included a preview photo just for you.


YR Product Spotlight
 Wouldn’t you like one?

What’s the best thing about baby showers? OK, OK, we all know it’s the cake. The second best? All the adorable baby gifts, of course! You’ll produce the largest aaaawwww of all by wrapping up a Yahzi Rose Hooded Towel Set for the expectant mom of the day. The towels are made from the softest 100% cotton velour terry. That amazing burst of color on the hood is fabric hand-dyed by artists in Gambia with colors that won’t run or fade. You will receive the towel, a washcloth, and a small slice of all-natural Oatmeal soap (courtesy of If you would like one of these stunning sets for your baby or a gift, please email your order and allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.


Going Green
 YR is committed to learning sustainable practices in business & daily life. Each month we will include an easy to incorporate tip to assist with Going Green.

No I don’t mean green with envy (although this could occur when others see your children wearing Yahzi Rose 😉 Green is a term referring to impacting our planet in a positive way. And guess what? It’s easier than it seems. You aren’t required to immediately become tofu-eating, SUV-shunning tree huggers. Just like children learning to walk, the best way to become Eco-friendly is through baby steps. Recycling is one of the easiest ways to start a green culture in the home. Our kids are constantly looking for something to cut up or draw on. We opted for a stress-free solution… let them do it! As long as what they use comes out of their very own “paper box”. I found a sturdy box with a lid – you could use a wide shoe box – and now when I go through the mail, clean out files or print something I don’t need (i.e. those useless reports from the office), they get paper! Magazines, greeting cards and catalogs go in the box to be cut up and used in crafts. How does less writing on walls and cut up books sound? You’ll be saving money on new paper and putting creative use to stuff that would otherwise sit in a landfill.

Holiday Activities

The month of Love is upon us. February 14th is Valentines Day. Although most think of this holiday as a romantic one, children know better than anyone how to make a heart melt with an unexpected declaration or small-armed squeeze. Take some time with the kids this month to show the world (well, the neighborhood anyway) how much love surrounds you. With a big bucket of colored chalk in hand, make the sidewalk in front of your home or apartment your Valentines Day canvas. This is not an activity to merely oversee. Put on some sweats, get on your hands and knees and draw hearts with the kids! They’ll love seeing you getting down & dirty while declaring your love with dusty colorful valentines.

Featured Website
 A must have for little chefs

Do your children love to cook? There’s a brand new company offering useable child-sized cooking tools, great kid-friendly recipes, safety tips and easy-to-follow directions all in one super cute backpack! My kids love to pull out their Playful Chef packs, put on their aprons and cook whether it is in the kitchen with me or in their rooms during make-believe.

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In Spirit,

Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose


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