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February Newsletter February 28, 2007

Substance Wrapped In Style
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Dear Kysha,

Remember how good it felt to sing your heart out in the mirror when no one was looking? Maybe your moments alone were spent mimicking that game winning shot of the playoffs. With our lives so full of responsibilities, stress, and to-do lists, most of us have lost the inclination to clown around or be silly by ourselves. So, indulge me, better yet, indulge yourself with a moment of sheer abandon the next time you find yourself alone. Do really want a new job or car? Maybe a new house or shopping spree? Visualize yourself doing just that except go that extra mile… Actually speak out loud as if you’re talking to your new employees, physically shift gears in your new hybrid, walk around your property admiring the details or spin around in the mirror to see how exquisite your new outfit is! Sure you may feel silly, but who cares? It’ll lift your spirits, make you laugh at yourself and just may take you a little further toward realizing that goal.

Yahzi Rose Update
 What’s going on?

Ok, drum roll please…
Yahzi Rose will officially launch its debut collection on April 28th & 29th at Baby Celebration LA! The event will be a fantastic showing of infant & children’s products for the modern & stylish mom. We’re excited and wildly busy getting ready for the show. If you or someone you know is in the Los Angeles area, please send a mailing address to There will be a mailing for our VIPs in LA with 2 for 1 tickets enclosed!

YR Product Spotlight
 Wouldn’t you like one?

Do your children love to be naked? Do they fly out of the bathroom with a huge grin as soon as the last bead of water is sponged from their little bodies? Well, mine certainly do and although I’m from Berkeley, I can’t say that we ascribe to the idea of a bohemian household. Now when my little ones emerge from their baths smelling sweet and ready to run, they are wrapped in a Yahzi Rose Cover-up and let loose. These are adjustable towels that you can wrap & velcro around a little wiggly body after a fresh bath or splashing at the beach. Yes, you can avoid the inevitable struggle with keeping the towel on and use our cover-ups as the perfect item for the walk to or from the pool. The cover-ups are made from the softest 100% cotton velour terry with vibrant fabric hand-dyed by artists in Gambia with colors that won’t run or fade. Boy’s towels are from the waist to the knee while Girl’s extend from the chest to the knee. They are available by special order and will be offered online before summer.


Going Green
 YR is committed to learning sustainable practices in business & daily life. Each month we will include an easy to incorporate tip to assist with Going Green.

Air pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene can irritate our eyes, nose, throat, and skin as well as cause headaches. Although it sounds like something you wouldn’t let near you or your kids, we live with these harmful chemicals in our homes every day. They are released into the air from our carpets, paint, particleboard, and plastic products just to name a few. This month we want you to reconsider those expensive air purifiers and literally go green with ordinary house plants that cleanse the air. Don’t worry, your home need not be transformed into a rain forest just to breathe easier. 1 or 2 plants are suggested for a 10 x 10 area or 100 square feet. Below you’ll find a partial list of the best, not to mention greenest, air filters available at any Home Depot or Nursery.
Chinese evergreen
English ivy
Gerbera daisy
Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’
Dracaena ‘Marginata’

Textile Connection
 Yahzi Rose is pleased to offer our customers annual textile connections with different countries

Each garment in the Fall 2007 collection will be created with beautiful fabric designed and hand-dyed by artists in Senegal & Gambia.
This photo is a small glimpse of inspiration from my trip to West Africa.


Featured Website
 What a lovely idea

What a lovely idea. I’m sitting here enjoying an Asian Chicken Salad and a rich cup of hot chocolate. There is light music playing in the background and I’m checking my email on my laptop. All this while my son is happily running from the train set to the ball pit, detour to the dress up area, returns as a fireman, and back again to the train set. There are about eight other parents thankful for this moment out of the house where our children can safely be the wild things that they are. For a small moment we relax… Well, until the next “honey, please share the toys” moment anyway. The Play Cafe just celebrated its 1st birthday and 2 Bay Area’s Best awards. It is the brilliant idea of two moms and is in an easily accessible location in the Oakland Hills.

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In Spirit,

Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose


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