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March Newsletter March 28, 2007

Substance Wrapped In Style
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Yahzi Rose Update
YR Product Spotlight
Going Green
Did you know?
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One Brick

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Dear Kysha,

Spring has sprung and I’m betting April will be an exciting month for everyone.

Excitement is mounting, sparks are flying… did I mention insomnia? There is only one month left until our official launch at Baby Celebration LA! Don’t forget to email addresses of friends that would like special 2 for 1 tickets to the event.

Yahzi Rose Update
What’s going on?

March has been a creative and busy month for Yahzi Rose!


~Booklet featuring Senegal & Gambia beautifully rendered thanks to CLdesign!
~New website in final stages of design
~Hang tags and postcards designed and ordered
~Infant Bath Collection in production

Whew! that was a mouthful and a month-full. I was also quoted as a “Momtrepreneur” in Baby Celebration’s March press release.

YR Product Spotlight
Wouldn’t you like one?

Newly added to our Infant Bath Collection, is our gift box of beautiful washcloths for your little one. They come in 4 different colors of 100% Terry Velour, each with hand dyed Gambian Tie-dye.

It will make a wonderful baby shower gift when you want to give something small but memorable!


Available in May!

Going Green
YR is committed to learning sustainable practices in business & daily life. Each month we will include an easy to incorporate tip to assist with Going Green.

The average American uses about 900 grocery bags per year. Less than 1% are recycled.
San Francisco is 1st in the nation to follow the lead of some countries in banning plastic bags in large supermarkets. Whether or not you choose to chuck the idea of plastic and carry your own reusable totes (we do have the paper bag trees to consider, right?), think about reusing all the bags you have shoved into a drawer or thrown away. Here are some ideas:

Line wastebaskets or use as a recycle receptacle for bottles & cans
Moisture proof things you store in the garage or basement
Wet clothes bags for the gym, yoga, or swimming
Soiled diapers or clothes sacks in the diaper bag
Wrapping breakables
Donate to thrift stores for reuse
Shoe storage in suitcases
Many grocery stores have recycle bins and your city may even sponsor a program. Click and see…

Did you know?
A Yahzi Rose mystery

I chose the name of my business in 2004 while searching for a name for my (in utero) son.

Yahzi is a word used by the Navajo meaning ‘little one’ I use Rose, my mother’s first name, to symbolize the connection between mother and child

Featured Website
Good deeds are waiting…

Volunteering at one of the many great organizations in my area is something I’ve always wanted to do more of and introduce my children to. I manage to talk myself out of it because there are so many to choose from, spare time is scarce and the thought of making another commitment is stressful to say the least.
One Brick was created to solve these problems. It is an organization run by volunteers that provide volunteers to local nonprofits in need. You can go to their website and register for any of the events they list on their calendar. You choose who to help and when. There are no commitments, fees or red tape.

No more excuses, take a look

I hope you enjoyed our newsletter. We have some great news coming up, I’ll send updates as they happen during the month of April. Remember to forward it to friends that may be interested. We’d love to hear from you. Email pictures of your little ones in our products, comments on the articles or suggestions for featured websites.

In Spirit,

Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose


phone: 510.904.9691


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