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May Newsletter May 22, 2007

Substance Wrapped In Style

Yahzi Rose Newsletter                  May 2007

Greetings! Our launch at Baby Celebration LA was fun & exhausting!  The best part of the weekend was actually getting to meet and speak with our customers.  It was wonderful seeing that people were drawn to the rich colors of the Global Bath Collection, the excitement over stylish clothes for boys, the reaction to our outfit featured in the fashion show… I could go on & on.  We also gave a few interviews in the hopes of garnering some media attention, and of course I was able to network with other talented business owners who shared insights about the industry.boothPhotos from the showEveryone give a big welcome to the many parents & gift-givers who signed our mailing list in LA. Our online store will soon be open!  Make sure you bookmark the spot…Shop Yahzi Rose
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What’s going on? 

We loved meeting new folks in LA but now we’re bringing it back home with 2 shows in the Bay Area…

capsule festThis Sunday, May 27th 

11am to 6pm

Hayes Valley Park, Octavia Street between Fell and Hayes, San Francisco, CA

This Memorial Day weekend Yahzi Rose and 140 designers and artists will showcase their work at the Capsule Design Festival in San Francisco.  Join us as we enjoy some sun, music and wonderful shopping.  Receive 10% off your first order with Yahzi Rose by clicking here to RSVP.  Even if you cannot attend, you’d be helping us get our booth for free by simply clicking Yes, No or Maybe.



Saturday, June 2nd 

1pm to 4pm

Cultural Crossroads 

3223 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA


If you’d like to view the collection without crossing the bridge or want to avoid the crowds for a more relaxing environment, join us at Cultural Crossroads for some wine and light refreshments (as well as snacks for the kids). You’ll have the opportunity to see the little ones model the line at 2pm, get your fall pre-orders in as well as purchase from the Global Bath Collection.  It’s also a perfect chance to pick up a unique item for yourself or your home.  Our host has beautiful items available from around the globe.


GOING GREENYR is committed to learning sustainable practices in business & daily life. Each month we will include an easy to incorporate tip to assist with Going Green.Buying organic just sounds expensive doesn’t it?  It also seems like an all or nothing proposition.  Why buy organic apples if the rest of your groceries are regular?  Eating organic is about limiting your family’s exposure to toxic pesticides. The good folks at Food have put together a list to take the financial burden off your shopping budget and encourage you to buy the healthiest foods available for your family.

Studies have shown people can lower their pesticide exposure by almost 90 percent by avoiding the top twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables and eating the least contaminated instead.  This means it isn’t necessary to buy everything organic, just the most toxic…

1 (worst)


100 (highest pesticide load)





Sweet Bell Peppers

















These are just the top 8, for the entire list click here

NEWEST YR MODEL!He is wearing the Big Boy’s Cover Up in Indigo  from the Global Bath Collection


We want to give a thank you and a big hug to the newest Yahzi Rose model, Imman



Mother’s Day has just passed and Father’s Day is quickly approaching.  I won’t use this space to give you a shopping list of the greatest, newest presents.  Instead I’d like to propose that we schedule a mom & dads day every other month.  It can be our secret.  On those randomly picked days, give a small showing of appreciation for the sacrifice being a parent takes. 

Treat your mom to a manicure, have flowers sent to your grandma, lay your husband’s favorite meal in front of the TV before a big game, gift a supermom girlfriend with a full dinner for her family, surprise your wife with a spic-n-span house!  Little things..often, to rouse a smile and show your love.

I hope you enjoyed our newsletter.  Remember to forward it to friends that may be interested and tell them to subscribe.We’d love to hear from you. Email pictures of your little ones in our products, comments on the articles or suggestions for featured websites.In Spirit,Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose

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