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November Newsletter November 13, 2007

Yahzi Roselaugh 


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Upcoming Events
KPFA Crafts & Music Fair

If you are looking for an extra awesome gift this holiday season, get in line early for KPFA’s 37th annual fair.  We’ll be in booth #103!

Saturday & Sunday, December 8-9th, 2007    10-6pm  Cost: $10
The Concourse @ 8th & Brannan Street, Downtown San Francisco

Featured Product
YR Tee 

We are offering our soft, sweatshop-free Tees for the ultra-low price of $15!!  Use them to layer over a long sleeve when they refuse to keep those jackets on.  They are 100% organic cotton and bare our beloved newsletter’s title. 

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In Spirit,
Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose

Yahzi Rose Newsletter

November, 2007


How is Autumn treating you so far?   We’ve made the transition into Fall a busy one indeed.  The full plate we’ve just devoured includes our new Spring 2008 collection, photo shoot, our first trade show, and selling, selling, selling!  I must admit, although I adore the heat waves of summer, I find this season to be the most visually stimulating of them all.  Everything from the hot-toned leaves, beautiful sunsets, and holiday decor has me staring out the window in appreciation.  Speaking of which, I’d like to dip my pen (or tap my keys) into the flavor of the month by listing a few things I personally am grateful for…

  • Awakening to the sound of glass breaking – which signaled our dynamic duo’s first attempt at breakfast-in-bed for mommy & daddy (gotta love ’em)
  • Good drumming & the friends born of it – this is my 20th year of doing African dance
  • Grandparents pride – the delight in the faces of both my kids and their 3 grands every time they are together warms my heart and makes all that spoiling sooo worth it!
  • Ear-piercing cries of “Daddy’s home” – hiding the fact that I’m just as excited because the man I married is incredibly beautiful, hard-headed & loved

What obscure things are you giving thanks for this season?


Sunday, November 18th, 2007  @ 6:00pm  
Black Repertory Theater, 3201 Adeline St.  Berkeley, CA

$20 in advance/$25 at the door

Come join us for an evening of fashion and entertainment…
We are proud to participate in this Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser. There will be a fashion show, performances by local artists and celebrity speakers.  Come by our table for some early holiday shopping while having a great evening and supporting a worthy cause.  Net proceeds will benefit Mammography Screening of Alameda.  For more information and tickets, click here

New Yahzi Rose Models! 

Coming soon, our lovely little ladies are wearing theYahzi Rose Spring 2008 collection



Big hugs & cheek pinches go out to Quinn and Iyanna for being so adorable during our Spring 2008 photo shoot!  A big thanks to our awesome photographer Kimara as well! 

Going Green

YR is committed to learning sustainable practices in business & daily life. Each month we will include an easy to incorporate tip to assist with Going Green. I know the holiday season is keeping us all busy, so here are 3 quick tips in 45 seconds… 45, 44, 43

  1. Annually, 100 million trees are used to make junk mail. is a free, quick way to get your name off commercial mailing lists.
  2. Like to save on CO2 emissions and fuel (Every gallon of gas burned produces 19 lbs of CO2)?  Stop idling, if waiting for more than 10 seconds, you’re better off restarting.  Obey the speed limit & drive less aggressively, flooring it just wastes gas.
  3. Switch 1 household cleaner to something non-toxic.  Vinegar diluted with 25% water, works wonders on mirrors and windows! 

Need a break?  Take this hilarious little quiz to see just how GREEN you really are 😉

All Newsletter & Website photos by Kimara

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