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Spring into Summer! May 15, 2008



Yahzi Rose Newsletter

May 2008

Just for you…
YR in Daily Candy!
New ‘Just Because’ Gifts
LOUDER! and louder
Come See Us…
Going Green

An Awesome Spring Sale! And if you don’t believe us, check out what DAILY CANDY had to say…




Pretty cool huh?  We’ve got a special surprise for our loyal customers.  There is a code at the bottom of this email that extends the sale just for you!!



“Just Because” Gifts for $10!


These sweet little ducks are super soft & snug in one of our colorful child-size washcloths.  The size and price make these limited quantity rattles perfect for your favorite infants… just because! 



We’re doing the Social Networking Thing!  


Add us as a friend on Myspace or become a Fan on Facebook.  The links are below…

Did you actually read all the way through?  Great!  Well, forward it to friends and tell them to subscribe.  We’d also love to hear from you.  Email pictures of your little ones in our products, comments on the articles or suggestions for featured websites.


In Spirit,
Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose

Dear Kysha,


I’d like to say welcome to our new e-listers and welcome back to our regular family!  I certainly hope Spring has been good to you and Summer holds promise.  We’re not halfway through 2008 and wow, what a year it is shaping up to be.  Don’t miss a great opportunity to engage children in conversations about today’s events.  Their insights on the election, natural disasters and the environment may surprise you.  It also gives us a chance to view the world through their fresh eyes and impart our views and life lessons in a way that doesn’t happen on a day to day basis.

I hope you aren’t letting all the talk about the economy get you down.  I prefer to look at it as an opportunity to not stop spending, but rather spend our money wisely.  And while yes, this is a shameless plug for YR and other Indie designers 😉 it is also a plea to buy your produce from the local farmer’s market, skip 2 fast food meals and eat at a small family-owned restaurant instead, seek out local contractors as opposed to chains, etc.  In essence, lets watch where our money goes after it leaves our hand.  What do you think?
And now, without further ado..
We’ve updated the YR website, check it out!


LOUDER! T-shirts 6mo-8


!Is it just my kids or do other children seem to get louder as the minutes, days, and years go by?? 

We’ve created some colorfully cool T-shirts to capture this strange phenomenon! (yes, I know he LOOKS awfully quiet, however…)
They are just $24, super-soft and come in a unisex style and a girl’s cap sleeve.  Who needs a S on their chest when they could have an exclamation point?? 


Click the photo above for colors & sizes


Upcoming Events 



Location: San Antonio Park, 18th ave and Foothill Blvd, Oakland CA
Date: Saturday, May 17th, 2008 11am-7pm

CAPSULE DESIGN FESTIVAL                                        Location: Hayes Valley Park, Octavia & Hayes streets, San Francisco, CA
Date: Sunday, May 25th, 2008 11am-6pm
Booth #: 119 on Octavia 

Location: Farmer’s Market area, Along Shattuck Ave in North Berkeley, CA
Date: Saturday, May 31st, 2008 10am-5pm
Click for info on these events and more save the dates!




Going Green

YR is committed to learning sustainable practices in business & daily life. Each month we will include an easy to incorporate tip to assist with Going Green. 



Did you know that one sixth of household electricity is used by refrigerators and freezers?  I know, I know, all that yelling about the lights and this is the real culprit! 


Here are a few quick fridge tips:

Keep a pitcher of water in your fridge.  Working like an ice pack in a lunch box, the water helps keep your food cold more efficiently.  Also, when tap water sits uncovered for a while, most of the chlorine evaporates.  This leaves you with a healthier thirst-quencher that is easily accessible and much better than soda.
*  Don’t waste energy, check your temperatures.  Who knows how those dials land on a weird number?  Maybe it was your “father-who-knows-best”, containers shoved into a corner or you guessed it… the kids.  The EPA recommends 37 degrees F for refrigerators and 3 degrees F for freezers.
*  Don’t overwork the thing!  Over and under-stuffing a fridge will force it to work too hard.  Fill your refrigerator without overcrowding and it will save you money instead.
Check out, we did for these tips!


Save 15%

Our sale is over on May 15th, but because you are sooo special… you may enter this code and extend the Spring Sale for one week! 

Code: Extend                                          Offer Expires: May 22, 2008 


Newsletter & Website photos by Kimara


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