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School’s In! September 5, 2008


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Yahzi Rose Newsletter

August 2008

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“CHATEAU BIZARRE”   had some great stuff to say about Yahzi Rose!

While you’re clicking, check out the rest of the blog.  You’ll find lots of indie designers, cool stuff and some things that are, well.. bizarre! 


Going GreenYR is committed to learning sustainable practices in business & daily life. Each month we will include an easy to incorporate tip to assist with Going Green.    
 Kids & Toothpaste
 Are we reminding our children to brush away the bad stuff twice a day while squeezing unwanted additives on their toothbrushes? Natural dentists are saying that most conventional oral-hygiene products contain chemicals, artificial dyes, sweeteners or preservatives.  For more information go to Kiwi Mag.

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In Spirit,
Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose


Already?  Wow, does the summer go faster as an adult or as a child? 
I hope this sunny season has gifted you with warm weather, good friends, screams of laughter as well as blessed silence, and no (or less) stress.  We’ve had a great summer at Yahzi Rose.  Now that its been over a year since our launch (did I mention that we had a birthday?), our shows have brought repeat customers and recognition from strangers.  Folks have walked by our booth and stopped because they remember that someone forwarded them our newsletter or their child received a YR birthday present.  We’ve also been blessed to meet some of the beautiful new babies that received pre-birth or newborn gifts!  

Please allow me an inch or 2 to say thank you.  Thanks for every forward of this email, call needing a last-minute gift, referral to a friend, web order, pledged support, kind word, adorable model, blog mention, multiple purchase, encouragement, prayer and counsel.  Yahzi Rose wouldn’t be here without all of these things and we are overflowing with gratitude!
OK, enough with the violins!  We have a bunch of events coming up that promise a great time even if you don’t shop!  And I’m sure those little ones still need another back to school outfit


Upcoming Events   

YR booth

Art and Soul Oakland  

Sure to be the best Labor day celebration in the state!  Kids town, 6 stages, local food tasting, tons of great stuff to purchase.  Click the title to get the music lineup & more info. 
Location: Booth #140, 14th st Downtown Oakland, CA
Date: Sat – Monday, August 30th-Sept 1st, 2008 12pm to 6:00pm

Napa Wine and Crafts Faire  
Location: Booth #127, Beautiful downtown Napa on First Street between Main and Franklin, CA  
Date: Saturday September 13, 2008

10AM to 5:30PM
Location: Booth #71 (near Ventura),  26 blocks of Solano ave! Albany & Berkeley, CA
Date: Sunday, September 14th, 2008
1o:00am to 6:00pm

Click for info on these events and more save the dates!



Time Out

Is playing just for kids?  We have suggestions that will keep your little ones busy and may even elicit some playful energy and a belly laugh from  you 😉 


I’ve been on a quest this summer to come up with things to do with the kids that don’t require a wallet full of cash or a 3-prong plug.  We’re all guilty of it at some time or another, trying to think of a super-creative party, trip, school lunch, gift, etc.  What we fail to realize is, more often than not, the best things are the simple things.  Here are 3 old-as-dirt, around-the-house, sure-fire ways to create laughter & fun

  • Upside-down silly face – I bet you forgot all about these!  Draw 2 eyes and a nose on your chin, lay on your back with your head hanging off the bed, cover the top of your head -nose up- with any piece of fabric and exaggerate your mouth when you speak.  Drawing a blank?  Well click here  to see a quick video of my kids in action, lol!
  • Forts & Tents – This is a great time-out after you’ve changed the sheets on your bed.  Pull together some chairs, grab some rubber bands, tuck corners into drawers and imagine those sheets and blankets into a secret hide-out, cave, or dollhouse.  Now have lunch with the whole family (stuffed animals included) in your magical kingdom.
  • Dance like nobody’s watching – If all else fails, turn on some music, up the volume, grab a small hand and dance the day away!  They’ll enjoy every moment of silliness you both exhibit!



Website photos by Kimara


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