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Summer’s almost over! September 21, 2009

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Yahzi Rose



Summer’s almost over! 


August 2009




 Dear Kysha

YR for Baby Showers
If you didn’t need a gift the last time you saw us but have a baby shower or birthday party coming up, we have included a coupon below (valid online, in person or via phone orders) to help get you started!




Summer is winding down, make the most of these last days of vacation.  If you are in the SF Bay Area, join us this weekend for



 Back to School Raffle

Win a free Yahzi Rose T-shirt and a semester’s worth of back-to-school supplies.

Sign up at one of our events or by clicking “I’ve got to send this to a Friend” (at the end) and forwarding this email to someone.


In Spirit,
Kysha Mitchell
Yahzi Rose


Save 10%

You have one month to Save 10%, and that’s on top of our Summer Sale!  You may use this coupon online or by phone.  Enter Coupon Code SAVE10 at checkout.  
You have our permission to forward this coupon to friends & family 😉 


Offer Expires: 10/13/09
Boys Coverup

Cover those kids up with one of our super-soft girls & boys Global Coverups $26-32

Save The Date:


9/13      Solano Stroll – Albany, Ca 
9/25-6   Walnut Creek Arts and Crafts Sidewalk Fair 
10/3-4   Montclair Fine Arts & Crafts Fall Fest – Oakland, Ca





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