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About May 22, 2007

hands0.jpgThe Company
Who says a child cannot spin, dance, jump and play in clothing that is stylish? Kysha Mitchell remembers the invisible line drawn in her closet between ‘good clothes’ and ‘play clothes’. Designing since her socks were turned into Barbie doll dresses, she always sought a way to blur the line that made comfort and elegance mutually exclusive. After having two amazing children, Kysha realized that she could combine her love for design, textiles, and family history of sewing to create a high-quality children’s clothing line that would integrate aspects of different countries in an accessible and non-traditional way.

Yahzi Rose produces boys & girls’ apparel for sizes 2 through 8 using exciting combinations of natural fabrics, global textiles and modern silhouettes remaining true to our tagline, Little ones…Connected Through Style. Connection is an important part of our philosophy. We use style to form connections with other cultures, the environment, and the idea of giving. Our garments meet the needs of parents and gift-givers that want their children to be a reflection of their own fashion-conscious and global lifestyle while still respecting the innocence and frivolity of childhood.

As parents we learn that from baby steps come enormous leaps of wonder. At Yahzi Rose we are learning that by having a low impact on the environment and practicing fair trade we, along with the children we influence, are playing a role in the movement of sustainability & social responsibility.

Thank you, Asante Sana, Merci, Gracias, for your support!


One Response to “About”

  1. ohmygosh! I just stumbled upon your darling archive photo, and WOW! I think more people need to know about you! I am on an internet loop with other moms who love buying from South Africa….would you be interested in advertising on my blog? Thanks! ~ jodie.

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